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Post Traumatic Stress and Cannabis: Mary Kutsch of Colorado 2014

Mary and Bill have been married for decades. As long as they have been together, they have shared the hidden tragedies of the Vietnam conflict. Though it was Bill who was actually exposed to Agent Orange, there in Vietnam, now over 40 years ago, the complications that followed, both from the Agent Orange, and the… Read More »

Yoga and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:How a Vietnam Vet found his answer.

Listen to the full version on iTunes, Seclairer.com and Stitcher.com. Look for “S’eclairer Chatterbox 32: From Vietnam to Yoga” Joe Marchesani joins us on the Chatterbox as we look back at his experience in Vietnam, and his remarkable story that has lead him to discover, and now teach, Yoga! We touch on post traumatic stress… Read More »