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We All Have PTSD

Please watch: “Attn: Call Center Survivors. My Book Press One for Murder is on Amazon” –~– We All Have PTSD Since 911 I have noticed a lot of “walking wounded”, people with that 1000 mile stare. You know the type, the person with that vacant look in their eyes as if they have just seen… Read More »

HEALING PTSD TRAUMA & ADDICTION | Plant Medicine & Recovery w/Alan Christopher

Healing Trauma, PTSD & Addiction with Plant Medicines. Alan Christopher is a transpersonal therapist in Mexico & Costa Rica working with entheogens to heal inner traumas that may seem impossible to get at using conventional therapy or 12 step recovery. Connect w/ Alan Christopher Email – alan@entheohealing.com Facebook – Website – psiconaturalhealing.com GET INVOLVED WITH… Read More »

How is attachment related to trauma?

In past videos I have talked about attachment styles, and reactive attachment disorder, and you can click the links in the description to learn more about those topics! But today we are talking specifically about trauma and how (or why) it’s linked to attachment issues. All attachment disorders fall under the DSM umbrella called “Trauma… Read More »

Complex PTSD While Dealing with the Aftermath of Narcissistic Abuse

A quick discussion about complex PTSD. In this video I leave a a couple of suggestions for further research, which is posted below. Please leave comments and subscribe! Thank you for visiting. Source: Youtube