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The Freeze Response and Sexual Assault- How to turn it off- PTSD and Trauma Recovery #2

Many people have heard of the “Fight or Flight response” but fewer have heard of “The Freeze response” and for many people that just seems like a fancy word for doing nothing, but “The Freeze Response” is much, much more than inaction, it’s your brain’s most desperate attempt to survive in the face of an… Read More »

C-PTSD Responses- The Four F's! FIGHT, FLIGHT, FAWN, & FREEZE!

The 4 F’s of C-PTSD are fight (narcissistic,) flight (obsessive-compulsive,) fawn (codependent,) and freeze (dissociative.) To infinity & beyond young grasshoppers! -Bri 🙂 *********************************************************************** :::::::::::::::::::: Music: Fade Out by LiQWYD is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Support by RFM – NCM: :::::::::::::::::::: Source: Youtube