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PANDEMIC FATIGUE? WTF?! HOW TO COPE #mentalhealth #pandemicfatigue #ptsd #pandemic #selfcare

7 TIPS TO TACKLE PANDEMIC FATIGUE! Signs of Pandemic FatigueThe hallmark sign of pandemic fatigue is a sense of inner weariness. You may also feel:• Helpless• Sad• Worried• Frustrated• IrritableYou may notice that you:• Eat or sleep more or less than usual• Have trouble focusing (brain fog)• Feel edgy or nervous• Snap at or argue… Read More »

What is PTSD? | Conscientia | Sanjana Lal | Make A Better Place

Trauma, can manifest itself in many different ways. Sometimes, It is never really forgotten. This mental health day, let’s hope, to help and support the ones around us, to be kind, and one step at a time, make the world a better place 🌻 Sanjana Lal is here talking about PTSD in our first video… Read More »

Using Cannabis to Help Treat the Symptoms of PTSD

PTSD is a mental health condition that plagues people who have survived a traumatic ordeal or witnessed it. PTSD can be present in any person, not just combat veterans. Fortunately, cannabis can be used to alleviate symptoms related to the condition. A recent study published in 2020 showed that cannabis can reduce the severity of… Read More »


#PTSD #narcissism #narcissistic Hello guys! In this video I discuss PTSD & narcissistic parents, many of us are experiencing issues with PTSD as a result of a toxic child hood! Thank you for listening ; I am in the process of creating an online course aimed at helping those who suffer from low self validation,… Read More »