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River Flowing Around Rocks 10HOURS | Relaxation Sounds | Gentle Stream Peaceful Water Sounds

River Flowing Around Rocks 10HOURS Produced by David Keller © Consuming Fire Artistic Creations All rights reserved. To Purchase Sounds Follow Link Below: Relaxing natural sound for relaxation, meditation, and sleep. Also, use it while doing your homework or just because. The Sound of Rain Meditation, Autogenc Training, Deep Sleep, Relaxing Sounds, and Insomnia. Sleep… Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Cancer

PTSD is offen connected with war veterans, soldiers and since 1980 with abuse but never mentioned in connection with cancer patients who can also develop this anxiety disorder. The best energy healing treatments are Reiki, Healing Touch, Meridian Balancing and EFT! Source: Youtube

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Relief Binaural Beats BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT

Visit for professional full length brainwave entrainment tracks. Source: Youtube