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What happens physically – when near a narc or in PTSD

Poem blog : # What happens physically when near a narc or in PTSD : 1. Lets look at what happens physically when we are near a narcissist or if we are reliving the damage done to us by the narcs and flying monkeys. 2. When we are in such unsafe situations, it triggers our… Read More »

Bad Day | CPTSD | Symptoms and Solutions

Poem blog : Here is a list of the cptsd symptoms I observe : 1. Sinking of heart and heaviness in the heart. 2. Flashbacks of words said to me and the hurt I felt when those words were said. 3. Incessant crying. 4. Suffocation. 5. Feeling of leaving the house and going outside. 6.… Read More »

Female Military Veterans: More Symptoms That Can Develop From PTSD

There are other symptoms that are sometimes developed or clustered from the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. Some of us don’t talk about these particular symptoms often enough. Please be aware of these other symptoms that can possibly occur. May this video inspire you to continue to thrive foreward!! Source: Youtube