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"Healing from Domestic violence, Medical Freedom and PTSD"-Anastasiya Aniccimov, The Bad Mom Podcast

Anastasiya Aniccimov is a motivated mother of 2 wonderful children, 11 and 9 years old, and living in New Jersey. She emigrated here with her parents in the mid 90’s and as the oldest child she was supposed to make my folks rich in America from Kazakhstan. Unfortunately, she was, like a lot of teenagers,… Read More »

Guy Realizes He Has C-PTSD (School of Life Reaction)

So yeah, I kinda already knew this …but this ‘School of Life’ video really drove it home. I’m gonna talk to my therapist more about this, but she already knew this was a thing. I just never saw it illustrated so simply ❤️ ORIGINAL VIDEO ► ‘The School of Life’ YouTube ► ►NEW MERCH: ►MAKE… Read More »