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The Darkside of Post Traumatic Stress Injury pt. 2

Dealing with narcissistic abuse while experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress injury can compound the aftermath of narcissistic abuse. However, there is hope in finding the strength, courage and passion to continue to thrive forward. By learning the tools necessary to emotionally integrate and heal, while thriving forward, can be quite the game changer!! Please… Read More »

Trusting Ourselves to Tear Down Our Own Walls Caused by Post Traumatic Stress Injury

WARNING: This video contains profanity. There are some of us who deal with post traumatic stress disorder daily, who might feel that we must keep our guard up. May this video inspire you to continue to thrive forward!! Please leave comments and subscribe! Thank you for visiting. COPYRIGHT CONTENT: Music by: Spirit of the Wind… Read More »

Female Military Veterans: Certain PTSD Symptoms Related to Some Female Health Issues

These are some of the symptoms that those of us who deal with post traumatic stress disorder and military sexual trauma daily, tend to overlook, at times. These female related health issues could develop due to certain PTSD symptoms. Source: Youtube