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Talking insomnia #66: From OCD, Anxiety, PTSD and insomnia to immunity… THIS is transformation!

This is a story of how seeing the true nature of things changes the experience of every aspect of life. In 2014, Andreas’ world was rocked by a traumatic event. Following months of grief and stress, he gradually stopped sleeping. He would go nights with no sleep followed by a few hours of recovery. When… Read More »

Improve Sleep, Stress, and PTSD with Dr. Kirk Parsley

In Episode 5 of C60 Health Connections, we take a deep dive with Dr. Kirk Parsely about sleep, stress, and PTSD. Dr. Kirk Parsley became a sleep expert almost by accident. While working with Navy SEALs shortly after completing medical school (and a former SEAL himself!), Doc Parsley, as he’s known, was compelled to study… Read More »