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Crown Chakra, Singing Bowls, Note B, Meditation And Healing Sounds, Mindfulness, Yoga, 1 Hour

Find deeper joy and peace about life and connect to the sacred higher consciousness with beautiful crisp singing bowls tuned to the Crown Chakra in note “B”. Includes a quiet hum of the Golden Frequency for a more profound balancing experience. Perfect for work or home. This video has a dark screen to eliminating distractions.… Read More »

Documentary 9/11 attacks & post-traumatic stress disorder

99/11 attacks lead to more study of post-traumatic stress disorder There are widespread symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder among those connected to the attacks. Mental-health professionals have a greater understanding of the disorder from studying them. Two women hold each other as they watch the World Trade Center burn on Sept…. (Ernesto Mora / Associated… Read More »

Day 1501 | Ep 24: 150 Push Ups for PTSD | Milestones come and go but we stay on track!

0:05 – Classic 0:35 – Hindu 2:13 – Wide 2:41 – Left Staggered 3:13 – Right Staggered 3:43 – Spiderman Day 1501/6901. Join me in my fight to spread awareness to and for everyone regarding anxiety, PTSD, depression, mental health issues and suicide. If you need someone to talk to please reach out, comment and… Read More »