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The Freeze Response and Sexual Assault- How to turn it off- PTSD and Trauma Recovery #2

Many people have heard of the “Fight or Flight response” but fewer have heard of “The Freeze response” and for many people that just seems like a fancy word for doing nothing, but “The Freeze Response” is much, much more than inaction, it’s your brain’s most desperate attempt to survive in the face of an… Read More »

C-PTSD Responses- The Four F's! FIGHT, FLIGHT, FAWN, & FREEZE!

The 4 F’s of C-PTSD are fight (narcissistic,) flight (obsessive-compulsive,) fawn (codependent,) and freeze (dissociative.) To infinity & beyond young grasshoppers! -Bri 🙂 *********************************************************************** :::::::::::::::::::: Music: Fade Out by LiQWYD is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Support by RFM – NCM: :::::::::::::::::::: Source: Youtube

Sound That Triggers Your Fight Or Flight Dissociation // Dissociation

The Fight Flight response alongside dissociation is discussed in this video. There are many triggers for the fight flight response & dissociation. Often people who frequently find themselves in the fight flight dissociation position are susceptible to experiencing the freeze response and may find they are in this position because they cannot fight or escape… Read More »