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My Mental Health Journey | Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, & BPD!!

My Mental Health Journey | Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, & BPD!! In this video, I talk about my mental health journey. I started in a very dark place and am now the happiest I have ever been! Watch the whole video to see where I was and how I have changed. Please Like, Subscribe, & Click… Read More »

I didn't give you Permission to.. How to beat Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD

Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, this is how I control it and keep it from controlling me. This series of videos are being done for a Facebook group that I am part of, but for now, I am unable to post live,… Read More »

Are Your Anxiety Symptoms Related To Past Trauma? 8 Questions To Find Out Now

Begin Turning Fear Into Freedom Through The #1 CBT Based Solution For Anxiety Today: Description: If your anxiety symptoms are related to past trauma and repressed emotion, you will find out today. These 8 questions will provide immense clarity as to whether you’re carrying around energy related to trauma during your childhood. Please keep in… Read More »