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Three CPTSD Behaviors that PUSH PEOPLE AWAY

Survivors of abuse and neglect in childhood often struggle to form and maintain good relationships. Trauma can injure our capacity to connect, but the bigger problem is that we have trauma-related BEHAVIORS –sometimes subtle — that push people away. In this video I talk about three common behaviors in adults with CPTSD, that could be… Read More »

"Begin Anywhere" Discussing Exposure Therapy with D.I.D and C-PTSD! Narcissists like to diagnose you

“Begin Anywhere” Talking About the Surviving of A Dissociative Disorder The Discussion of Exposure Therapy and it’s use in treatment in Dissociative identity Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Do Not Start Something as Extreme as Exposure Therapy seeking Spiritual Ascension. Exposure to Trigger inducing situations should be discussed with your psychotherapist before it is… Read More »

Healing after Trauma: Are you stuck in "Survival Mode"? #trauma #healing #fightflightfrezze #PTSD

Healing after Trauma: Are you stuck in “survival mode”? We start this Livestream with check-in and with a couple of people sharing that they are struggling today, I walk the group through a few tips/practices to help us calm our nervous system. If you are stuck in survival mode I hope you take a listen.… Read More »

A Breakdown of CPTSD (Complex PTSD) Emotional Triggers from a Fawn Fight Trauma Subtype Perspective

Love, Sex and CPTSD: A High Functioning Priestess Guide to A Traumatic Universe (Oahu sessions) 1:00- 4Fs of Trauma Response (Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn) from Pete Walker’s Complex PTSD From Surviving to Thriving Why was grad school SO hard emotionally for me? I was in extended FREEZE response because student teaching brought up my “rejection… Read More »


My Dark MakeUp characters are actually an emotional detox activity that my subconscious leads me to do in order to release GRIEF. Performance have varied from complete schizoid detachment to frontal lobe performance like this one here. This is my pre CPTSD undertsanding of all of this being a trauma response to my ABANDONMENT WOUND… Read More »

Focus on TRIGGERS for Healing CPTSD

Traditional therapy is largely focused on memories and emotions… but does it heal complex trauma? In this video I teach about the “trauma trifecta” — three manifestations of CPTSD that show us where and how to focus healing. Registration for the 8-WEEK COACHING INTENSIVE is now closed. Apply for the wait list here: Learn about… Read More »

Childhood PTSD In Riverview FL – Post traumatic stress disorder

Kids can get PTSD from cyberbullying, but what are some ways parents can help? Post traumatic stress disorder By: Choice Of Life Counseling It’s tough to know if the online abuse is just online bullying or something much more serious. Adults need to be the best partners we can be to help our kids cope… Read More »

Healing after Trauma: Practicing Self-Compassion #selfcompassion #trauma #PTSD

Healing after Trauma: Practicing Self-Compassion In this video, engaging with my tribe after our check-in, we talk about self-compassion and how important it is for healing after trauma. It helps to know you are not the only one going through the ups and downs of healing after trauma. I hope you find encouragement from what… Read More »


Emotional abusers seek to control another person by discrediting, isolating and silencing them; the symptoms of abuse involve depression, loss of confidence, and a fog of confusion around what’s actually true. Sound familiar? SO many people with CPTSD are telling me they’re having the SAME symptoms as a result of lockdown and the cultural “ether”… Read More »


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