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CPtsd: Day 3 of the Smile Challenge – Resolving Arguments

On Monday we began the smile challenge. Yesterday turned into a really challenging day despite it supposed to be being a gentle day for me. I’ve included details plus a new infographic to help us chart our course through resolving arguments. Free Complex Ptsd Library: FB Recovery Group: Complex Ptsd Coaching: Source: Youtube

Cptsd: Dealing with Trauma and Guilt

I realised Guilt was driving some of my decisions, so sat down to begin the process of working through it. Infographic: Website: Academy: Coaching: Source: Youtube

Complex Ptsd: Developing a Healthy Sleep Routine

The one question we need to ask to help us develop our unique sleep routine plus the option I found to help me have a healthy sleep routine. FB Group: Learn more: Source: Youtube

What is Complex PTSD ? (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

This the first of a series of episodes i have put together with the intention of explaining the origins, progression and recovery from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Developmental Trauma. Areas covered in other podcasts include: – The formation of the Maladaptive Self – Parental Narcissism: The Ultimate Identity Theft – Impaired Intrinsic Motivation… Read More »

Complex Ptsd & Understanding our Instant Anger Responses

Complex Ptsd and Anger Childhood Developmental Trauma brings a need for us to understand why we have the instant Anger responses and how we can learn to manage this response that has been soft wired into us. Remember to examine your questions and seek professional help to build new strategies and skill sets. Website: Source:… Read More »

Complex Ptsd: Recognising & Learning to Manage Anxiety

Recognising Anxiety in ourselves and others gives us the chance to begin the healing process. #togetherwecan New Website: Free Resource Library: Source: Youtube

Complex Ptsd: Essential Questions for working with a Therapist

After reading about unhelpful advice one of our global family members received from a Therapist I put together this must have list for us to use when engaging with a Therapist to ensure we are headed into healing and recovery. Find the Infographic in our Free Complex Ptsd Library – Source: Youtube

Complex Ptsd & the Benefits of Ashwaghanda

I was looking to understand why no matter what I did I couldn’t lose weight and came across how our trauma response hasn’t turned off thereby we end up with an excess of cortisol. This is what happened after I started the Ashwaghanda to combat the excess cortisol, then I ran out! Free Complex Ptsd… Read More »

CPtsd: How Not to Kill your Spouse during Covid-19 (Part 1)

Okay, none of us are going to literally kill our spouse, so how about we get on board with not having to feel like we want to kill them because they’ve left their dirty clothes on the floor for the umpteenth time… Free Resource Library for Complex Ptsd: Work with Me: Heal from Home: Source:… Read More »

CPtsd: How Not to Kill your Spouse during Covid-19 (Part 2)

We definitely need a roadmap when we’re triggered, when our brain shuts down, to know how to navigate the tough, tense times we’re facing in our personal relationships. This is the way we can mutually navigate tough times and create increasingly solid foundations in our relationships. The beautiful mess will happen, and it’s up to… Read More »