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Study Music Alpha Waves, Relaxing Studying Music, Brain Power, Focus Concentration Music, 1 Hour

Healing Alpha wave binaural beats music for stress reduction and positive thinking. While listening, connect effortlessly to your environment and your activity, such as during meditation, yoga, work time, and creative projects. Feel more of a connection to the endless possibilities and opportunities in life. Perfect for work or home. This video has a dark… Read More »

Crown Chakra, Singing Bowls, Note B, Meditation And Healing Sounds, Mindfulness, Yoga, 1 Hour

Find deeper joy and peace about life and connect to the sacred higher consciousness with beautiful crisp singing bowls tuned to the Crown Chakra in note “B”. Includes a quiet hum of the Golden Frequency for a more profound balancing experience. Perfect for work or home. This video has a dark screen to eliminating distractions.… Read More »

Light Music, Soft, Uplifting, Work, Focus, Celestial Music, Light, Positive Happy Music, 1 Hour

Minimal, celestial music to help soothe, calm, and revive your mind and body. Delicate, warm tones sparkle with joyous energy to assist in improving mood and to clear the mind of unwanted thoughts. Find the space in this moment to communicate with your higher self, and discover greater harmony and wisdom from within. Perfect for… Read More »

Happy Relaxing Music For Children, Relax Music For Kids, Soothing Music, Bedtime Music, 3 Hour

Relaxing music for children. Drift to sleep with this calming lullaby music. Hear the gentle music box and soft harp instrument play together in a sweet song suitable for any age. This delicate, gentle music was designed to help you feel comfort and safety while falling asleep, during yoga practice, or meditation. Perfect for work… Read More »

Relaxing Harp Music, Sleep Music, Meditation Music, Spa Music, Study Music, Instrumental, 1 Hour

Find relaxing ocean magic in this gentle music with cheerful glockenspiel and harp. Nature sounds of soothing ocean waves immerse your worries in calming waters. Feel more free, more joyful, and more imaginative. This music was originally created for younger listeners, however it can be enjoyed by anyone. Listen to Song Of The Blue Sea… Read More »

Root Chakra in Note "C", Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz Earth's Frequency, Vibrations of Earth, 1 Hour.

Feel safe and secure as you connect deeply with Earth and your primal self, your survival instincts, understanding your environment and the situation around you. Welcome pure, grounding energy and balance your Root Chakra in note “C” with delicate vibrations of Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz (Earth’s frequency). Perfect for work or home. This video has… Read More »

1 Hour, Flute And Piano Music, Beautiful Relaxing Music, Relax, Study, Sleep, Work, Relaxing Music

Delicate flute and piano music combine together with energizing ambient synth sounds to create a relaxing environment. Bright, positive music to help uplift, encourage, and inspire. Listen to this music and enjoy nurturing vibrations for inner guidance and reflection. Perfect for work or home. This video has a dark screen to eliminating distractions. Play this… Read More »