XIX. Digital PTSD. The Practice of Art and Its Impact on Digital Trauma | Stuart Ringholt

Stuart Ringholt‘s presentation shifts attention away from the digital as something built through binary code to instead place emphasis on the original Latin root of the word – digitus, ‘finger’. He considers the violent roots of the handshake, and, more centrally, the offensive and assaulting finger gesturing and actions he has personally experienced. He recounts his “digit stress” as well as a more general set of hand gestures used across the world – from insulting finger signs, to the history of hand gestures in public protest and meditation. Warning: the subject matter and frank nature of the presentation may cause discomfort and stress to some viewers.

Stuart Ringholt was born in Perth, Western Australia and lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. His works in performance, video, drawing, collage, sculpture and collaborative workshops. Personal and social themes such as fear and embarrassment are often represented through absurd situations or amateur self-help environments. His Anger Workshops was first created for the 16th Sydney Biennale, 2008, and have been presented in dOCUMENTA (13), 2012. His naturist tours have featured in major survey shows of James Turrell, Wim Delvoye and Pipilotti Rist. Ringholt is a lecturer at MADA Monash University and was awarded a PhD (Philosophy) in 2016.

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