XIII. Digital PTSD. The Practice of Art and Its Impact on Digital Trauma | Vittorio Gallese

In this presentation, titled Digital World: The Experience of Self and Others in COVID-19 time, Vittorio Gallese will discuss the relationship with digital images as de-materialised, visual representations of reality. His arguments are grounded in the belief that technology has always been an extension of the mind, thus the very definition of “artificial” is inherently connected to the “natural” cognitive ability to develop devices with the evolution of novel cognitive technologies. Through his talk he will take a closer look at the possible effects of digitisation on neuro-cognitive processes involved in social communication as well as in the constitution of the self, especially in the context of the increased amount of time spent online during the recent lockdown, which has significantly changed our engagement with what may constitute everyday reality.

Vittorio Gallese (Parma, 1959), MD and trained neurologist, is Professor of Psychobiology and Cognitive Neuroscience at the Dept. of Medicine & Surgery of the University of Parma, Italy. Cognitive neuroscientist, his research focuses on the relation between the sensory-motor system and cognition by investigating the neurobiological and bodily grounding of intersubjectivity, psychopathology, language and aesthetics. He is the author of more than 300 scientific publications and three books.

Source: Youtube