Would anyone care? (GCMV)// Sad Todoroki/ Todoroki angst

This video contains Kiritodobakudeku, Sad (Shoto) Todoroki, suicidal thoughts (sort of). If you don’t like this, please don’t hate on me and go watch something else

AU explanation:

Rei Todoroki passed away recently, duo a incurable disease. This broke Shoto. It made him distance from his boyfriends (Kirishima, Bakugo and Deku). And the youngest Todoroki didn’t tell anyone about this (his mother’s death). Icyhot made his boyfriends believe that he was just stressed because of school and that he needed sometime alone. But of course his lovers did ask him if he was ok once in a while (like 3three times a day-), but he always said that he was fine, which was a big fat lie. This lead Shoto to eat very little amounts of food (like, 1 day he eats, the next he doesn’t) and it also triggered his PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder).

Shoto never got treatment for his PSTD because he “doesn’t want to bother others with his personal problems”, he never told anyone (besides his sibling) about his past and also, he never told his siblings about how he truly felt about everything he went thorough. And he also started to have dificulteis sleeping, since every night he was having nightmares about him mom and sometimes his past.

Duo Rei’s death, it triggered Endeavor’s IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder), making him angry at everything and everyone. And stress from work didn’t help one little bit . (At least he’s getting treatment for it and is getting better slowly) Even the smallest things could trigger him. Even thought Eiji is doing his best to control his anger and not snap or hurt anyone in anyway, he wasn’t able to avoid hurting his kids, specially the Shoto, because they reminded him of their mother a lot. He missed he dearly

However, the number 2 (or 1-) hero’s behavior didn’t help his youngest child at all. In fact, it only made his PSTD trigger even more, since it made Shoto remember of the abuse Endeavor put him through.

Here’s some symptoms of PTSD:

*Feeling detached from family and friends
* Trouble sleeping
* Overwhelming feelings of sadness, guilt or shame
* Negative thoughts about yourself, other people or the world
* Intrusive thoughts or images
* Upsetting dreams or nightmares about the traumatic event (leading to having trouble sleeping)
* Emotional distress or physical reactions to something that reminds you of the traumatic event
* Feeling like you can’t trust anyone
* Feeling like nobody understands

P.S.: And, just so you know, Kiritodobakudeku didn’t tell anyone (yet) about their relationship, because Shoto is really scared of how will everyone react, so duo that, his 3 partners decided to wait until he was ready.

And the music video is happening 3 weeks after rei died

I hope this made sense

I’m really sorry if I got anything about the disorders wrong! Feel free to correct me if you notice any mistake

By the way, this is not the 2K special. The 2K special is going to be a Q&A with the “Class 1-A reacts to Smol Todoroki” AU

So please leave some questions for them! I would really appreciate that

Anyways, remember that I love all of you ❤️💜

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