Working with Borderline Personality Disorder & Complex Childhood PTSD Presentations

Hi, amazing trauma therapists here is a must-see video where my friend Mel shares her extensive experience working with clients who have the DSM 5 diagnosis Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Or Complex PTSD from the ICD-11.

Are you finding more of your patients struggling with relationships, strong emotions, trauma and suicidality ? You will want to attend the full day program with Mel and I Working with Borderline Personality Disorder & Complex Childhood PTSD Presentations.
Here we dive deep into how to apply Parts Theory into practice. Resource Therapy
has protocols to assist your clients in moving beyond trauma time and living a fuller life.
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Resource Therapists diagnose our clients presenting concern, what they wish to change. We don’t diagnose the person.

Complex PTSD is a more accurate term that describes these clients who have many Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s). As we know from the ACE study these experiences can set up a life trajectory for relationship, emotional, physical, and psychological distress ongoingly.

Learn how to use Resource Therapy, a powerful parts Therapy in an adapted model for these most vulnerable clients. Firstly we need to ensure with RT Action 8 Find Resource there are nurturing, wise and adult Resources that can help with emotional regulation. This is suggested before any trauma processing begins.

I trust you enjoy this presentation. Love to hear your thoughts, comments, and questions, please comment in the box below.

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Philipa Thornton, BA Psych (Hons), Grad. Dip Systemic Couples Therapy, EMDR, is a relationship psychologist, Clinical Supervisor of psychologists, and the Executive Director of the Resource Therapy Institute. A consulting and training service designed to help therapists; psychologists and other mental health professionals have a successful private practice full of satisfied clients.
Philipa is also the CEO of Marriage Works – . Philipa believes you deserve to heal from emotional pain and have healthy loving relationships in your life. Philipa’s years of experience in psychology are sought after and she has been featured in the Australian Women’s Weekly, on Television – The Project, A Current Affair and is regularly interviewed on Radio and other media by journalists on relationship and psychological issues.

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