“Words in the Wind” pt.4 (Feat Dimensional Drift) #ASMR serial [reverse comfort][PTSD][F4M][talking]

#PTSDAwareness #PTSD #InvisibleScars #PTSDAwareness

Viewer discretion is advised

The following video is dedicated to all the individuals who struggle with posttraumatic stress disorder, well as their friends, family, and partners who supported them during this difficult battle. This takes inspiration both my life and several others who struggled with this.

So this is an old audio from my previous channel which I think arguably would be my first ASMR serial series that was supposed to be for posttraumatic stress disorder awareness month back in June. Sadly, a lot of these videos were overshadowed because of the combination of being painted over by other notifications for pride month and my previous channel is mostly my geek channel so not much love there.

This took inspiration from Tombanter audio’s Tom in the rain series so in the way you get to see the very first archives of my ASMR before going in the Demon Hunter series.

I want to personally thank Dimensional Drift ASMR aka Mad Chatter for collaborating on this final episode. Go subscribe to my adopted baby VA brother’s channel!

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