Why People get mad? Warning Signs of Madness.

This video analyze the causes of “Severe Mental Illness (Madness)” The Warning Signs of Madness, which one should’t ignore.

The Madness is the sum of different ailments the impact of those can be seen in patient’s behaviour, thinking, actions and emotions. It’s examples include Anxiety Disorder, Phobias, depression, Behavioral Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder etc.

These kinds may have three stages.
In primary stage, the thoughts and emotions starts to develop about the matter (Causes).
but the individual has much control on such ones, and is successful of hiding those one’s from others. It’s signs may include, fear, anxiety, anger and sadness.

In second stage they are observe able even in public in shape of self talk, anger, Starts crying after laughing and even can think about suicide, This is the stage where the individual needs social support proper counselings and treatment Lack of proper counselings or treatment this may lead to third stage which is “In-sane madness” In this stage individual have no any
regard, concern or realisation about his action.

There may be many causes of Mental illness, they are:
In fact, most of us do pass through these scenarios, Which normally lasts very short and most of people come out of it withing a few days. but, for few ones, time requires out of it may be up to two weeks. But, for few it is chaos, and are fall into severe mental illness including in-sane madness.

Let’s analyze the warning signs of indulging into madness, avoiding these may be devastating which are explained in the video.
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