Why do people resist getting support for Post Traumatic Stress?

Why do people resist getting support for Post Traumatic Stress?
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What am I talking about when I say ‘post traumatic stress?’.
Let’s start with someone experiences a shock of some sort, which is in affect, a traumatic event. Now there are big traumatic events or shocks such as being brutally attacked, having a car crash or there are smaller ones such as feeling shocked when someone raises their voice. How each individual responds or reacts to these is unique. But what all of these shocks have in common is that the event is UNEXPECTED, DRAMATIC, IN THE MOMENT THE PERSON FEELS ISOLATED, AND THEY DON’T HAVE THE RESOURCES TO RESPOND (NO STRATEGY). The affect on each person although is individual, here are some of the things that can stop them seeking help for their continued suffering:

Fear losing control, fear feeling over exposed, scared to revisit, feel it’s their fault – feel some shame about what happened, perhaps believing there was something they should have done to stop it.

If any of this is familiar for you or someone close to you then I’m telling you, you are not alone. However, it is possible to start turning things around and getting the help you need to be free of these nightmares.

In my opinion, EFT Tapping is one of the most effective treatments on the planet for clearing traumatic memories and well worth finding out more about.

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