"Why Can't I MOVE ON After Trauma?" Fear & Barriers 101 | Psychotherapy Crash Course

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Healing from trauma can be a long process. It requires an understanding of yourself and a willingness to overcome the thing(s) that has traumatized you. Without the right tools and an understanding of the strongest defense mechanism in counseling (i.e., fear) you may not be able to move forward in a healthy way.

In order to kick-start the healing process it is important for you to be aware of the many things that could lead you to regress during the healing process of post traumatic growth.

In this video, I will be discussing what things can get in the way of you healing from trauma.


Intro 0:00
Fear is complex 2:08
*Bad psychotherapist 4:46
-poor boundaries 4:58
-Iatrogenic neurosis 6:10
-Transference/counter transference 7:00
-Misdiagnosis 7:32
*Negative Escapism 7:57
-Sublimation 9:18

-Alters 11:39
Dreams, flashbacks, memories 12:51
Self-diagnosis & “provider shopping” 15:12

Childlike Demeanor 12:27

Iatrogenic neurosis

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-Healing trauma in stages:

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