When sorry isn't enough – Book review (Dr. Gary Chapman, Dr. Jennifer Thomas)

When sorry isn’t enough teaches us how to apologize effectively in the five apology languages and restore our relationships with others!

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When I first picked up this book, I wanted to know why I was the only one in relationships to apologize – to say, “I’m sorry.” I had cut off many relationships in my life, and I was on the brink of divorce, mainly because I grew up in an abusive environment, I had no skills to process my emotions or interact with others, I kept dragging around all my hurts and traumas and muddying up new relationships with the past. I was also diagnosed with severe complex post-traumatic stress disorder and social phobia.

Well, this book, When sorry isn’t enough, by Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Jennifer Thomas, changed my life! First of all, I discovered we, people, have different ways of apologizing, and at least my husband (if not more of my former friends) had been apologizing to me the whole time! I was simply missing it because I didn’t know about the apology languages! Then, this book gave me hope to the possibility that I might be able to be healed from my symptoms of cPTSD and social phobia. It got me started on my inner healing journey, and I am incredibly happy to say I am totally healed today!

I definitely recommend this book, I have learned so much from it, as I mention in this video!

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