What Truly Happened in the Gabriel Fernandez Murder? (Uncovering the Truth pt. 2)

Eight-year-old Gabriel Fernandez was brutally murdered and tortured by his mom and her boyfriend, by the names of Isauro Aguirre and Pearl Fernandez. During Gabriel’s younger childhood, he was sent to live with his uncle and his husband or boyfriend, to his grandfathers dislike, he was sent to his mothers and her boyfriends house. His uncles name was Chris Contreras who was the brother of his biological father Arnold Contreras. His father was in jail before Gabriel’s birth and his parents split up before his birth also.

Gabriel has a Netflix documentary by the name of ‘The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez’ which takes a span of 6 months and the conversations between the family, teachers, and many more of Gabriel. His teacher was the main one to take care of Gabriel. She stated he would come to her classroom with marks and stabs all over his body. She would call Los Angeles’ Child Protection Services to no avail each time.

In no way I promote the murders of these children, and there is other ways to discipline your child after leaving the toys out which is what led up to Gabriel’s sad murder. If you wanna watch The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez it is on Netflix, search it up. It takes place during the trials of his murderers Isauro and Pearl. Isauro Gabriel’s mothers boyfriend, was sentenced to death but due to California’s Law on Execution, it will most likely get changed to Life Imprisonment without the Possibility of Parole which is the same sentence his mother Pearl Fernandez received.

His mother Pearl was known to have a knowledge below a second grader and had multiple disorders like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), personality disorder, and developmental disability she was using methamphetamine and alcohol at the young age of eleven. Her father was always in and out of jail, causing her to have no knowledge on him. She claimed to believe her mother never loved her and slapped her multiple times, causing her to runaway at a young age. She dropped out in the 8th grade which is what caused her to have a low knowledge stability.

Her boyfriend Isauro or Tony Aguirre, dropped out early also, his co-workers spoke of him as a quite, but loving person when he worked at Woodland Park Retirement Hotel and was nicknamed ‘Shaggy’ for his respect towards the elders. He would frequently drive along the scenic route so his passengers would see views and not just cars on the freeway. He had many disorders such as a learning disability for dropping out and retaking two grades.

The couple was charged with first-degree-murder and special circumstances of torture. Tony Aguirre was sentenced to death and Pearl is sentenced to Life Imprisonment. As of April 2021, Isauro was transferred to Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility. For Pearl, she was admitted to Central California Women’s Facility as of June 21, 2018. (Source: Wikipedia).

Here is Gabriel’s autopsy:
Here is what Gabriel’s teacher saw every time he would enter her class:

On Mother’s Day, he and his fellow classmates would make a little appreciation paper to there mothers, and he wrote along the lines of ‘I will love you always’ to his mother, which saddened the court and fellow teachers in the Trials of Gabriel Fernandez.

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