What is the story you tell yourself about Covid? Dr. Andrea Pennington #HerosJourney

What is the story you tell yourself about Covid and the times we are living in now? 🧐

The story you tell yourself about the situation will dictate how you respond to the pandemic and other stressors. 🎭

Will you end up with post-traumatic stress disorder or post-traumatic growth? The decision is yours. 🤠

In my past I felt trapped by the internal story that occupied my mind rent free. I had low confidence, I was a people pleaser & I became a chameleon to fit in or look for acceptance. 🙄

Living an inauthentic life with a compulsive need to prove myself ultimately led me to burnout 🤯🔥

But that breakdown led to a breakthrough… and ultimately led to me taking up the pen and becoming the author of my heroic life story. 🦋

You can overcome the tragic story of lack, limitation and low self-love. You can recover from your dysfunctional family and adverse childhood experiences. Your life story is not set in stone! 🖼

On March 11 & 18 I’m hosting two live free Masterclasses about the power of seeing your life through the lens of the Hero’s Journey, as first described by Joseph Campbell.

One class is for people needing healing & freedom to live authentically🦋

The other is for aspiring authors, emerging speakers, coaches and healers who want to use the power of storytelling to better inspire your audience, for more engagement, loyalty and enrollment. 📣✍️

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Dr. Andrea Pennington is an international TEDx speaker, bestselling author and TV personality working with global media brands including Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz, Discovery Health Channel, CNN, LUXE-TV, Gaia, Thrive Global, the HuffingtonPost and more.

Beyond her wildly popular TEDx where she explained how dealing with depression & imposter syndrome led her to hit rock bottom, Dr. Andrea shares weekly videos to inspire you to rise up to live as your authentic self.
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Andrea is a Managing Director of Make Your Mark Global Partners and the creator of Brand Who You Really Are: Hollywood Media Success System. Learn more at

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