What is DBT? (Dilectical Behavior Therapy)

Dilectical Behavioral Therapy: What Is It?

Dialectical behavior therapy, commonly called DBT, is a form of treatment intervention designed to help those who deal with extreme emotions. It focuses on the practical skills and coping mechanisms that help the person manage intense rushes of emotions.

Emotions are a part of daily life. You cry when you are sad. You smile when you are happy. You giggle when you are feeling silly. Emotional ups and downs are normal. However, surges of extreme emotions are not. In fact, they can be difficult to understand and scarier to deal with.

Unresolved psychological trauma is often at the heart of extreme emotions. It causes you to get emotional faster and harder than most. It takes you longer to resolve those emotions and to return to a calm emotional state. These surges of extreme emotion are especially difficult in our personal relationships with romantic partners, family members, and close friends, the people we trust and love the most.

Dilectical Behavioral Therapy is a proven therapy to help people who deal with extreme emotions. Research has shown it to be effective for treating Borderline Personality Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as an array of other mental health issues.

Source: Youtube