What Happens When You Cross Insomnia With PTSD? … IDK, I was just asking.

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Drawing will be held January 8th, with the winner announced the following day. Entries are quickly selling, so don’t wait!

Three ways to enter:

Visit the GoodGame Lounge, located at: 1530 Palisades Center Dr, West Nyack, NY 10994 for in person entries.
Enter Online: ($.63 and $1.50 service fee applies respectively)
Donate at twitch: and donate the desired amount with a description of what you’re requesting. (If you donate $25, you’ll be entered for 1 ticket. $60, grants you three entries.)

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Disabled Veteran – Streaming Is My Hobby. Fatherhood’s just a thing I do…

Wins – 52
Top 5 – 244
Kills – 7295
K.D.R. – 1.54
Average Kills / Game – 3



Streaming on PC, dual PC setup. I play whatever catches my interest at the time, if you have a game that you want me to try out – let me know.

About me:
I was born in Jamaica, came to the U.S. when I was 9. Graduated High School, and did a year of College before joining the United States Army as a Combat Engineer. Spent some time in Iraq, redeployed and got out. I’ve got a daughter that I take care of, and mania to excercise. Check me out on the stream, and don’t be afraid to say Hi! I play with my viewers often.

1) No disrespect. We’re all here for a good time.
2) No politics. We’re here to game.
3) I DO however, encourage f-ck f-ck games… (In Good Taste, Courtland)

U.S. Army Veteran, Bronze Star recipient (as a PFC, lol I’M THE BEST!) and streamer at YouTube, Facebook, Hitbox.tv, and Twitch!
#combatengineer #girldad

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