What Can Scare Naomi? ~ Read Desc ~ No Thumbnail ~ TW: @buse, flashing ~ Yaku’s Anger Issues

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Yk how Ushi-Gushis mom don’t really like him- ok well she hates Naomi more
Naomi is born intersex, but their mom forced them to be a girl
Naomi was left handed, had two different colored eyes, and was intersex. Naomis’ mother hated them for it, but in their 3rd year of Junior High, they came out as nonbinary
This was the last straw for Mrs. Ushijima
The white thing was to represent a hot iron, which she hit Naomi with, resulting in their scars. The iron also burned their hands, which is why they wear gloves
All of this stuff resulted into Naomis’ PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and to why they don’t play volleyball anymore
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