Victim Left Homeless after Military Romance Scam

Social Catfish is here to help a woman named Jeanie from Arizona. She has been dating a man online and wants us to figure out why this man won’t meet her in person. She met James Frank a year ago on Instagram and has fallen in love with his sweet words. However, she is confused since he is consistently asking her for money. She is now living out of hotel rooms so that she can help fund his return home. Will we be able to figure out this man’s true identity and confirm that it’s a military romance scam? Watch the video below and continue reading to find out.

00:00-00:17 Intro
00:18-01:12 James Franke
01:13-02:02 Alan Franke
02:03-03:00 James is Back
03:01-03:42 The Research
03:43-07:55 The Big Reveal
07:56-08:37 Share Your Story
08:38-08:53- See You Next Week

We help people find lost loved ones and verify if someone you’ve met online really is who they say they are.

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