Using Cannabis to Target Memories in Your Subconscious (PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Grief)

This video is for people who are struggling with any sort of emotional issues (which is everyone!)

Video: Trauma is Relative –

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I am a medical intuitive and certified holistic health coach. I make videos on spiritual and health-related topics, including Kundalini, free thought, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening.

I use my background studying and working in public health education combined with my natural intuitive gifts to work with clients to heal energetic (spiritual/emotional) blockages, which can cause health problems, including physical and mental illness. I can help alleviate symptoms by working with you over time to remove these blocks through holistic means (looking at your family, relationships, food/diet, housing, etc.) in order to heal your mind/body/spirit system.

If you are interested in booking a video session and/or phone call with me, visit:


-1 hour Coaching call: $100 (one coaching call; includes energy assessment, coaching, and mini-reiki healing if desired)
-Coaching commitment (5 one-hour coaching sessions with follow-up emails): $400
-45 minute Cannabis Healing Meditation Ceremony Session (includes reiki, if desired): $100
-30-min Reiki Healing Session: $50

DM me on Instagram: @emilyawakening for any questions

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