TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) Substance Abuse & Trauma Therapy (2 of 4) – Suzanne Gundersen

Learn how TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) is an excellent somatic release for those in substance abuse recovery and trauma therapy.

In this series of TRE videos, recovering addict Troy shares how he starts/stops, and moves/targets her tremor to therapeutically release tension and stress. As a recovering addict, he appreciates the deep relaxation that TRE delivers, that helps him relieve tension, stress and gain restful sleep.

TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) is a simple stretching technique that invites the body to release deeply held patterns of tension, stress & trauma, by gently shaking it off.

Reset & Restore Well-being with TRE.

Suzanne Gundersen
Advanced TRE Practitioner

⭐️Unwind Body Tension Patterns
⭐️Relieves Muscle Pain, Tension & Tightness
⭐️Increases Flexibility, Energy & Endurance
⭐️Lessen & Resolve Stress, Trauma & PTSD symptoms
⭐️Regulate Nervous System
⭐️Deep Body Relaxation
⭐️Less Worry and Anxiety
⭐️Build Focus, Alertness for Physical & Mental Activity
⭐️Supports Healing of Injuries, Speeds Body Recovery
⭐️Improve Emotional Regulation, Mental Focus & Creativity

NOTE: Department of Defense has classified TRE as a LEVEL III integrative modality for regulating stress.

Learn how to somatically respond, manage and recover stress, for the rest of your life. Expand your window of stress tolerance & increase flexibility (physical, emotional, mental). Individual, group programs available.

Note: TRE is not recommended for women who are pregnant.

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