Top 5 PTSD VA Claim *MYTHS* DEBUNKED: How to Get a VA Rating for PTSD in 2021

There are 5 common MYTHS veterans have about filing a PTSD VA Claim. Truth is you might qualify for a VA rating for PTSD, but maybe one of these Top 5 PTSD Myths have held you back from filing a claim. Well, in this video, we DEBUNK those myths.

The truth is the majority of veterans may be suffering from PTSD (and deserve VA benefits) and may not even realize it, or perhaps one of these myths about PTSD is holding you back from filing a claim.

Join Senior Veteran Coach Stacey Allen and his daughter Veteran Coach Cassie Allen as they go through the 5 PTSD Misconceptions that many people think of when they hear PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Here at VA Claim Insider we feel you need to be uncomfortably vulnerable and are here to help educate you on the process.

Are you finally ready to get the VA disability rating and compensation YOU deserve?

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***Video Timestamps & Resources***

⏩ 00:00 VA Claims Insider Introduction
⏩ 00:15 Introducing Veteran Coaches Stacey and Cassie Allen
⏩ 01:45 What is PTSD for VA rating purposes?
⏩ 02:50 Myth #1 PTSD must be due to combat (FALSE!)
⏩ 04:40 Myth #2 You can’t work with 100% rating (FALSE!)
⏩ 06:13 Myth #3 They will take away your guns if you have PTSD (FALSE!)
⏩ 07:25 Myth #4 Men can’t file for PTSD MST (FALSE!)
⏩ 08:15 Myth #5 You have to tell your employer you have PTSD (FALSE!)
⏩ 08:55 How to get a VA Rating for PTSD in 2021!
⏩ 11:00 PTSD VA Claim Myths Debunked Recap

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