Tomas Ros, Ph.D. Neuroscientist ADHD, PTSD and Alpha Waves NeuroNoodle Neurofeedback Podcast 7-15-21

Tomas Ros, Ph.D. Cognitive Neuroscientist ADHD, PTSD and Alpha Waves
This show is dedicated to Joe Kamiya The “Father of Neurofeedback”

Tomas Ros, Ph.D. Cognitive Neuroscientist joined our Neuropsychologists, Dr. Laura Jansons, Dr. Skip Hrin, and QEEG Tech Legend Jay Gunkelman
Tomas Ros Publications
Tomas Ros Neurofeedback Past, Present, and Future Video
– P300 Marker for ADHD
– Alpha Waves
– Beta Spindles
– Joe Kamiya
– Lawrence Kline
Tomas Ros Bio:

PhD with John Gruzelier at the University of London, he used transcranial magnetic stimulation to probe for the plastic effects of neurofeedback, showing for the first time cortical excitability changes directly after a training session (Ros et al 2010, Eur J Neuro). He then joined Ruth Lanius at University of Western Ontario, a specialist in neuroimaging of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), where they uncovered a neurofeedback protocol that positively correlated with reductions in mind-wandering, together with enhanced functional connectivity in a key cognitive control network (Ros et al 2013, NeuroImage). This led to the first translational study investigating its impact on patients with PTSD, revealing a positive effect on well-being and a plastic modulation of salience/default-mode networks (Kluetsch et al 2014, Acta Scand Psych).
His research interests at the University of Geneva was focused on the potential application of neurofeedback in the study of neurocognitive function as well as in the treatment of brain disorders (for example, major depression). His aim was to use multiple windows (fMRI, EEG and TMS) to explore the brain’s remarkable plasticity, in the hope that the outcome of this research may inform future treatment options for psychiatry and neurorehabilitation.
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