Tho’wayz – A family of CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

This is a documentive story of a lost family. In 2007, the people in this family have separated themselves. Some, as far back as 45 years, without knowing that of the initial 7 children that lived; another 3 grew to adulthood and only 1 had the courage to find them all and the woman who abused the word mother. Tho’wayz was viewed and acknowledged at the Black International Cinema and Film Festival in Berlin, Germany of 2008. Since then, both of the elder sisters and one niece, have sadly passed on. Only the niece’s funeral was marred with scandal. It was my journey to find answers about why our mother conveniently disposed of her children in foster care, why she left one new born baby at a bus stop, forever; why she could never once find peace in mentioning the men ( our fathers’ existence ), why her children are angered and despondent to each other. The sibling rivalry, the dysfunction of a single parented home-life and how are people affected by maternal castration. When I did finished the film, I made sure my relatives got a copy. It would be the first time that they saw how trauma is remembered, when I’m the mistake she was forced to keep. And it all started for less than 15 cents, left on a table for a cheater in the relationship.

Om7 Filmz is proud to present: Tho’wayz – a dysfunctional black family in CPTSD **(renamed “Thrown Away” for the Black Film Festival of Berlin , presented by Fountainhead Tanz Theater.

**This is the directors’ cut**

Source: Youtube