'This mother is tired': Veteran's mother pleads with PM for royal commission

The mother of an Australian veteran who took his own life is pleading with Prime Minister Scott Morrison to cut the “bureaucratic nonsense” and launch a royal commission into veteran suicide.

Dave Stafford Finney took his own life after returning from the navy, struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder.

His mother, Julie Anne Finney, told Sky News what had been offered to veterans and their families so far were “not what they want”.

“What the prime minister has offered so far is listening to bureaucrats, presidents of associations who speak for their members without listening to their members,” she said.

“We need to investigate, we need accountability, this mother is tired and I’m appealing to you prime minister, I don’t want something else.

“I want to see a royal commission, I want to see my son’s case and 700 others investigated. I want the families to have some closure and I want wellbeing for veterans. Please prime minister just call a royal commission.”

Source: Youtube