They Pulled My Tooth Out!!!!!!

The date stamp on the tooth camera is wrong. Chinese guys made it, so it keeps resetting to a prior date sometimes. The tooth was extracted Wed May 12, 2021. Video of the tooth is pretty gross. The video taken before extraction shows black decay, yellow dentin and white enamel. Because of the cavity, two chunks of enamel broke off, exposing the dentin. The dentin is not hard or chalky as I had imagined. Dentin is actually rubbery and does not hurt if you push on it with a fingernail (to see if its hard or rubbery). They could not fix the tooth with fillings or root canal surgery, so it was extracted.

The hole where the tooth came out bled a lot for a while. It hurt a lot as well when the nonvaccine wore off. Once the clot formed in the hole, it hurt a lot less and I didn’t need any more drugs. I am supposed to rinse the area with salt water several times a day.

The clot that forms in the hole is very soft. It is somewhere between the consistency of pudding and jelly. I have to protect the clot. If the clot becomes dislodged, then its a dry socket and they say all sorts of bad things happen if you get a dry socket. That is so bad that they have a special name for it (dry socket).

They said i could slowly start back to solid food in a few days, chewing on the other side. I tend to be very conservative about stuff like that. When they pulled my wisdom teeth, I ate pudding and those “ensure” old-guy drinks for two weeks until I was sure the holes were healed enough that food wouldn’t get jammed into the clot.

I’m not sure if my regular viewers want to see this kind of stuff. I can take video of it every day for a while to document the healing process. I can post it here on this channel if someone says they are interested, or I may post it on my cinematography channel “Sciencelookers”.

My cat has been swapped out for a newer model, I can make a video about that if anyone wants. Hunter was the best cat I ever had, unfortunately, he caught COVID and was in intensive care for six weeks. He seemed OK, but became a COVID long-hauler. Six months after his feeding tube came out, he succumbed to lingering effects of the coronavirus. Scout is turning out to be a very good cat. He already follows me around the house and comes when he is called. Maybe I can do a video about Scout and how I trained him. He had post traumatic stress disorder when i met him because he was in a house with a big dog and a toddler. Within two weeks he stopped hiding and is following me around the house.

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