The VA Rating Formula for Mental Disorders and Disabilities Like PTSD, Depression, and More

Learn more about the General VA Rating Formula for Mental Disorders here:

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Mental health diagnoses from the VA include
* Schizophrenia
* Major Depressive Disorder
* Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
* Insomnia
* Anxiety

The rating formula is broken down like this:

0 – 10: Few if any symptoms that would impact your work. This is more likely assigned by a regional office

A 30% PTSD Rating:
With this lower score, we try to paint a complete picture and include foot pain, back injury, etc. If your bad days happen but are rare, this is you. Sometimes you have attendance problems but it’s not a real big deal. Other symptoms include:
* depressed
* suspicious mood
* weekly or more panic attacks
* sleep impairment

A 50% PTSD Rating:
This is when you are really missing work. Maybe every 2 weeks he crashes and it takes 2 weeks to get out of it. Social and occupational impacts are also visible to family and friends.
* more than weekly panic attacks
* moody and emotional on a consistent, regular basis

A 70% PTSD Rating: This will qualify you for TDIU, especially if you have evidence that your service connected mental disorder that prevents you from working. Work, judgment, mood, social interactions are all affected by his/her PTSD. It has a drastic impact. Limited support system and friends are a sign of this.
* continuous depression
* continuous panic
* Illogical, obscure, irrelevant thoughts
* violent or angry outbursts (this is where employability is really affected)
* inability to maintain or regulate your mood

A 100% PTSD Rating – Total occupational and social impairment. It requires very compelling evidence. They have advanced schizophrenia and hallucinations.

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