The Truth Behind The Smile – P.T.S.D. | Jean-Guy Poirer | Raw & UNscripted w/Christopher Rausch

The Truth Behind The Smile – P.T.S.D. | Jean-Guy Poirer | Raw & UNscripted w/Christopher Rausch

Tuesdays @ 7pm (pst) / 10pm (est)

* Struggling with staying positive and motivated during these times of change?

* Feeling a bit out of sorts with so much social distancing?

* Looking to break out of old mindsets and beliefs?

Please join me LIVE Tues, 12/22/2020 @ 7pm (pst / 10pm (est) as I chat with the very passionate champion himself Jean-Guy Poirer!

He’s the creator of “The Truth Behind The Smile” which is a peer support group dealing with P.T.S.D. He began this after years of dealing with his own after active duty.

The knowledge and heart he brings to the conversations will surely keep you engaged!

Given our times this conversation will enlighten and empower you as to what PTSD is and what it isn’t. More and more people will need you to know what they are going thru and perhaps how you can help them on their journey.

No doubt this conversation will provide tons of #inspiration and #motivation to potentially change your #Perspective and #Mindset! Bring your favorite note-taking tools and let’s make the changes we need to move to the next level of our life!

BONUS: We’ll be interacting with you LIVE in the comments section with your thoughts and answering your questions!

Are YOU READY #KickassNation #MisFits4Life???


Jean-Guy was diagnosed with PTSD after 11 years of active service with the FD. In 2017 Jean-Guy made the decision to turn his diagnosis around and help others who were struggling with PTSD. Since 2017, JG has developed a PTSD peer support system as well as an active FB page entitled PTSD The Truth Behind The Smile.

JG has been featured on local radio and TV, national Canadian television as well as internationally renowned podcasts and news articles. In 2019 JG kicked off (2) of his very own Mental Health events which were a huge success. JG is an advocate that doesn’t say no to challenges and offers help to others in any way he can.

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