The Secret Link between Psychedelics and Veganism

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The secret link between veganism and psychedelics!

Why are these hipster vegans all tripping on psychedelics. Well obviously because there’s nothing vegan to eat except shrooms, marijauna, and ayahuasca. but better yet why are psychedelic trips turning people vegan?

There’s quite a few people that have gone vegan from these trips so this is an intriguing subject, oh and shout to Gwen for requesting this intriguing topic on Patreon. Let’s go Gwen! Now take another hit because we are going deep.

Before we jump into veganism let’s be on the same page on what exactly psychedelics are. Psychedelics are not your ordinary drugs because they are not addictive nor can they kill you. In fact they do the opposite, Psychedelics, such as Ayahuasca, DMT, and psilocybin mushrooms have the potential to treat depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction and many other types of mental health issues.

These psychedelics can literally open up your senses and deepen your neural connections in your brain, allowing for a higher state of consciousness and introspection. Now I am in no way saying to take psychedelics because currently they are illegal in the states. So if some asks if you should do them you say no I do not want them because they are illegal!

Ayahuasca contains a molecule called DMT which is very similar in molecular chemistry as psilocybin. Why is DMT such a big deal? First of all organisms have the ability to synthesis it or have it in their systems. Including plants.

But the craziest thing is what happens when we die, as we all do. When your heartbeat stops your breathing stops, your blood flow stops and you have a completely motionless body. Dr. Rick Strassman claims that your pineal gland miraculously floods DMT into your brain just moments after you are deceased. Why is this mysterious psychedelic being produced and released into you, and why specifically after you are already dead? DMT could very well be associated with what is lurking in the afterlife and probably deserves to be studied more because here is what we know so far.

Studies show that psychedelics increase neurons of our prefrontal cortex brain. Which is phenomenal because neurons are the only cells in your body which are very difficult to replicate once they die. So psychedelics are a tool to work on the evolution of our intelligence. In fact mycologist Paul Stamets believes psilocybin mushrooms may have been the reason for our increased brain sizes through our evolution. He states, “Psilocybin substitutes serotonin – it becomes a better neurotransmitter, it causes new neurons to form, and new pathways of knowledge.”

So it is literally aiding your conscious awareness. And a common denominator amongst people who have tripped on psychedelics is the feeling of the self melting away and in turn becoming the entirety of existence. Your ego is obviously necessary to navigate yourself, but when the psychedelic melts it away it helps you transcend the domain of your 5 physical senses and extend yourself into the environment and the organisms within the environment.

So the big question that arises from this is why you haven’t liked this video yet? Oh and of course what “type” of existential knowledge does transcending your ego bring?

Number one is the increased empathy for living beings. The hyper-awareness beyond your sense of self allows you to vicariously experience the living organisms within the environment not as others, but as other selves of you. So these trips are most effective in nature because you are in the presence of these. Now you can probably guess how this may lead into the ethics of veganism. Meat is not consumed for survival anymore, it is consumed for desire. So needlessly eating the murdered corpses of animals is especially damaging to you as a network connected to all these animals. Psychedelics and even some forms of mediation can help individuals become much more aware of the foods they eat and how it affects their mental and physical health in the long term. Some people argue that meat and dairy is necessary but it’s been falsified many times over. A balanced plant-based diet is way healthier for you and the animals than a balanced meat eating diet. So it’s not surprising that veganism is a common conclusion for psychedelic epiphanies.

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