The Power Of Vulnerability + Connection

The relationships we’re in usually eat most of ourselves in more ways than one, especially in times of conflict and challenges. To avoid severing these ties and making disagreements even more serious, holding space for others is extremely needed. Susi Vine interviews Shiva Avtar, a human growth facilitator and Kundalini Yogi teacher, to discuss:

• Learning from personal experience, both our own and those we are raised with
• How vulnerability and creating a safe space facilitate healthy connections
• How holding space for people we love sometimes means sending them to time out, or taking our own
• The power of staying present and curious in times of intensity
• People pleasers + conflict avoidance skills that may be holding us back
• Planting seeds of compassion and love (so we can reap the rewards when needed)
• How a Daily Ritual for yourself can help boost connection with your partner
• The power of perspective, because it’s really not all about you

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Source: Youtube