The power of art to help the healing process among Vietnam veterans with PTSD

A San Diego artist who dedicated his life to helping Vietnam veterans recover from PTSD passed away last week but his legacy is being honored.

Steve Maloney, 78, served in the Michigan National Guard alongside the troops who were deployed to Vietnam for the war. He spent the last nine years dedicating his life to his Take Me Home Huey project where he rebuilt the Huey 174 helicopter that was shot down in Vietnam on February 14, 1969 and turned it into a 47-foot art sculpture.

For two years Maloney toured the U.S. stopping at 29 sites including in Coronado raising awareness about PTSD.

In a memoriam video Maloney talked about the Huey and its healing powers.

“This is a real Warburg for sure. And we all should pay homage [to what] it did during the Vietnam war for these guys,” said Maloney. “I learned it truly was a conversation starter, a trigger for people to talk about their feelings when they were in service.”

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