The Mental Health Show: Season 1: Episode 6: PTSD in the neighborhood with Anthony!

Let me introduce you to Anthony! Anthony comes from the same traumatic lifestyle as my father but a different culture with a different perspective. He shares how PTSD significantly impacted his childhood as a Hispanic male. Anthony experienced childhood abuse, foster care, homelessness, substance abuse, criminal activity, and prison time. Through his youth, he had to endure the harsh realities of his parent’s hustler lifestyle that led to a dysfunctional household. Re- traumatization led to consistent triggers due to a situation or environment that replicated the dynamics of his original trauma. Anthony became independent at the age of 12, where his priority was to learn how to take care of himself while trying to cope and survive. He shares how he strengthened his relationship with God while in prison that helped guide him in the right direction towards recovery. Check out Episode 6: PTSD in your neighborhood with our 3rd special guest! Check out Episode 6: PTSD in your neighborhood with our third special guest! This is the final episode of Season 1! Season 2 starts Sunday, August 2nd!

Source: Youtube