The Life Changing Potentials of Gratitude and Alternative Medicine with Antoinette Wade

In addition to being the founder of Gratitude Blossom, a San Diego-based company which sells doctor-recommended CBD products; Antoinette Wade is a veteran, having served eleven years in the United States Navy as an aircraft final checker. Antoinette describes a gruesome accident she suffered while on the flight deck, which eventually led to her being medically retired with anxiety attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder. She goes on to share her experience medicating with prescription pills, and how her life changed for the better when she turned to meditation and alternative medicines such as cannabis. Antoinette also talks about Gratitude Blossom – more specifically how she hopes to provide affordable, or perhaps even cost-free, CBD products for veterans as well as terminally-ill and low-income residents of San Diego through Gratitude Blossom Collective, the nonprofit branch of the company.

Source: Youtube