The angels and post traumatic stress disorder

What is ptsd and complex ptsd and how can the angels help you? If you suffer from PTSD know that i am sending you love. If you are in a court situation with a pathological ex-spouse tell your lawyer about because you will qualify for special accomodations so you do not have to be in the same room with the person who abused you. Sign up for Sandra Browns newsletter at: it is filled with practical knowledge. And remember PTSD and C-PTSD are trauma disorders not mental illnesses and you may have adrenal fatigue or other physical symptoms along with the psychological ones like nightmares, flashbacks and hypervigilance. It is important to do things that activate the parasympathetic system more info here: (this link is about panic attacks and anxiety – not ptsd but has great info.) Here is a great link to PTSD for vets but the knowledge is applicable to everyone with ptsd: Know that i am sending you love as a woman who has been through it too. And that your guardian angel is ALWAYS with you. much love catherine
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