The Accident That SHATTERED My Life // Living With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder // CANDICE BARBER

Hey guys,

Tonight’s vlog is the most personal insight into my life that I have ever shared. This is something I haven’t really spoken about on social media and I feel a bit anxious releasing this.

Why did I choose to do this video? Because I want to show you were I have come from so you can understand me more and see that no matter how dark your days can be – there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This video isn’t here for sympathy, it’s here to show you that no matter what you are going through, there can be happiness. Hitting rock bottom for me was important because it has lead me to where I am now.

Having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is hard, it’s something I feel guilty about at times, because historically, this type of mental health is associated with War Veterans. I felt guilty for a long time because I felt I was scarred “enough” to be given such a serious diagnosis. But after extensive psychologist session I overcame this guilt, and took control back in my life.

Getting professional help, having a really good psychologist understand me, and help me to reprogram the way I thought and felt about myself has been pivotal in my recovery. I am also so grateful for Kyle who stood by me thick and thin, my family and my inlaws for their undying support, and my friends. All of these people stood by me while I was a toxic person, saw my potential and stuck by.

I still am dealing with the aftermath of the accident. My anxiety still plays up to this day. I developed a bad habit of avoiding people and situations that gave me anxiety. When I don’t have an answer for someone, I ignore it. I put too much pressure on myself to excel to make up for what I did, that has pushed me to breaking point at times.

I am sooo much better now then I was even a year ago, but I have a lot to work on. I plan on going back to see my psychologist soon and “checking in” and also continue to work on my personal development and growth to continue healing and rediscover who I am

Thanks so much for watching,

Candice x


I am Candice Barber, 20 something year old living on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. I am a mother to my William and recently married to my best friend, Kyle.

We are here to share our life and story with you! Stay tuned for more sit down chats, vlogs, recipes and watch our health and wellbeing journey

Much Love,

Candice x



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