The 5 Stages of Complex PTSD Recovery || CPTSD Book Club: From Surviving to Thriving by Pete Walker

This video is apart of the Proactive Resilience CPTSD Book Club, reviewing and offering information from the book Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving by Pete Walker.

An excellent and informative read, this book offers accessible, bite-sized chunks of value regarding CPTSD development, symptoms, and recovery. I recommend it for everyone as they begin their journey healing from CPTSD, and everyone else at any point in their recovery. While reading, always remember to take what you need and leave the rest! Move forward at your own pace, and appreciate every moment you commit to yourself, and dedicate towards making your life better for you!

For a more comprehensive overview of the book, check out the Book Club blog post on my website: (Coming soon!!)

0:00 Introductory Thoughts
1:35 Book Review
2:53 What is Complex PTSD?
4:00 The Good Thing about CPTSD
6:15 List of 5 Common Symptoms of CPTSD
6:38 There’s More to Healing than Learning
8:46 A Tip for the Learning Stage of Healing
10:38 Stage 1: Psychoeducation + Mindfulness
12:31 Stage 2: Cognitive Healing
14:50 This is where things get a lil’ messy…
15:56 Stage 3: Emotional Healing
17:23 Stage 4: Somatic Healing
19:12 Emotional Flashbacks
20:51 Stage 5: Reparenting + Acceptance
21:42 Integrating All 5 Stages Into Healing
22:45 Where I Am in My Healing
24:17 This is What I CRAVED 5 Years Ago
24:58 For more information on CPTSD Recovery…
25:23 CPTSD Recovery Coaching
26:00 Concluding Thoughts

Thank you so much for watching! I hope this video and the notes provided on my website offer you as much applicable value as Pete Walker’s book offered me, and I wish you a magical day today!!

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Happy Healing (:

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