Stress management Pranayama (Square Breathing or Box Breathing)

Must for this 21st century where everyone is living the life of physical exhaustion and mental fatigue because of the life of hurry and worry.
Technique: In the beginning slowly exhale through your mouth.
1) Inhale slowly and deeply (Abdominal breathing) through your nose to the count of four. (Pooraka).
2) Hold your breath for count of four. (Antaranga kumbhaka).
3) Exhale through your mouth to the count of four, expelling the air out of your lungs and abdomen.(Rechaka)
4) Hold your breath for the count of four (Bahya kumbhaka)
This Completes one round of Box breathing or Square breathing. Repeat four rounds. You can repeat this for four rounds many times a day. It arouses parasympathetic nervous system, producing calm and relaxed feeling
Benefits: It is a powerful stress reliever or chronic stress buster. It heightens your concentration level and performance. Best for lung disease or (COPD) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It improves your mood. Excellent for Anxiety, panic disorder, post- traumatic stress disorder, restlessness and depression.
NOTE: Make sure you are fully relaxed while performing and at a time only for a minute.
You can increase count for each phase more than four gradually, I being the master and thirty years long practice I take 12:12:12:12.

Source: Youtube