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The Legal Minute from Michael Lewin Solicitors is designed to provide you with a legal guidance only, you should always seek the latest legal advice from a solicitor. This video discusses Stress at Work and provides a quick overview as to what workplace stress actually is.

Today “Stress In the Workplace”

Hi my name is Richard Coulthard, I’m the Head of the Stress At Work Department at Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds.

I’m going to talk briefly about stress at work claims.

Hi, my name is Richard Coulthard and I head up the stress at work department at Michael Lewin Solicitors.

I’m doing a series of short videos explaining about stress at work claims as there is a large misconception about what is a stress at work claim and the overlap with employment claims.

Many people assume that if they have an employment dispute that there only recourse is to go to the Employment Tribunal, that is a mistake, there is often alternative and better claims pursued through the civil court.

One of those cases is a stress at work case. What is a stress at work claim?

A claim for stress at work is where one has suffered a psychiatric injury as a consequence of their employment, by psychiatric injury we mean a recognised psychiatric injury such as an adjustment disorder, post-traumatic stress or depression or something of that type of nature.

If you have suffered with that type of injury as a consequence of your employment whether it be from excessive workload, or bullying or harassment, then you may be able to claim damages in the civil courts for the injuries that you have suffered, loss of earnings, loss of pension, loss of employment opportunity going forward.

These are technical claims, they can be very high value claims and we are one of a few solicitors in this country who are specialists in this type of work.

There is of course an overlap with employment disputes, things like constructive dismissal and discrimination. We can advise you on the differences and legal distinctions between these two types of claim and advice you as to what the best course of action in your particular circumstances.

Stress at work claims are difficult cases and they have far greater time limits than the typical 3 month time limit which is associated with the employment tribunal.

This has been your legal minute, hopefully that has been helpful and its part of a series of broadcasts that we are going to be doing going forward.

Thank you

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