(STREET THEATER Part 2) NYPD Detective Attacked By Man With Stick mSDOcc5aH5s

And here we have yet another good example of FAKE/SETUP news geared toward the public to instill more FEAR in order to keep people stressed out & worried, which could eventually lead toward a synthetically induced acute form of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), anxiety/panic disorder, with the strategically consistent bombardments of these psy ops on the news.

(As a helpful suggestion, pause/freeze frame it at exactly those time elapses.)

At 0:07/0:08 you’ll hear one distinct car horn go off during the chaos. Genuine E.I./T.I.’s know & recognize that sound from our own personal covert surveillance being done on us both in real life/real time & online as either cues/signals to the perps while were out & about, or to us whenever we maybe looking & hearing a video that is exposing too much truth or via the Remote Neural Monitoring via our thoughts, we’re thinking about things that go against the behavior modification programming.

At 0:14/0:15, you’ll see an Asian woman quickly glance over at the camera & immediately do the hair over her ear swipe hand signal. (Look closely toward the bottom right hand side of your screen.)

Take a REALLY CLOSE & HARD LOOK at where exactly that strike with that rod hit.

I tell you one thing, it WASN’T the side of the front of his head that he was exaggeratedly holding.

The black guy actually aimed for his back & not his head.

Keep rewinding it & you will see it for yourself.

During that time frame, look at the “supposed” perpetrator’s behavior right after he did “the deed”.

Now again, I urge those who watch this video to really use their critical thinking ability & ask yourselves, why would someone who just committed an assault on a police officer, stick around for any amount of time immediately afterwards, unless it was of course, a staged event & perhaps the “supposed” perpetrator, was awaiting some sort of CUE/HAND SIGNAL, to progress to the next step which would be running away.

The end game of these particular types of psy ops, are to ultimately CONTROL people in society, via these FEAR tactics.

A scared person or people, are that much more susceptible to being controlled via coercive persuasion, which is one of the major components of the psychological operations bestowed upon us E.I./T.I.’s, on a higher level, & the mass public on a lower level.

If you were to look closely at the black man who “supposedly” attacked this white police detective, (designed to look RACIALLY motivated/anti-police), with one of those long rods, you would notice how slow & calculated that swing was, so as to make sure he didn’t hurt that cop.

You’ll also notice the over exaggeration of the reaction of the cop, as if he was struck REALLY HARD with that rod with full force & total bad intentions.

I ask whomever watches this video, to use his or her’s critical thinking ability & ask yourselves: “How is it even realistically possible that someone would just so happen to be right in the angle of the camera’s line of vision, to capture the entire “supposed crime”, on video so perfectly?!”

In addition, it is standard procedure via police training in the academy to always have a certain amount of situational awareness applied during any field work activities.

Also, the way those other two officers looked chasing the “supposed lunatic” down the street, looked orchestrated as heck.

I personally think/feel that some of these are crisis actors/actresses paid & instructed to do some of these “staged events”, while others maybe truly mentally ill people hired & instructed to do some of these atrocities too.

Think about it, they won’t be going to jail or prison, but to a mental psych ward temporarily, to be eventually let out to do again & again with no serious repercussions.

As well as some being actual criminals from other countries & even from here the U.S. (PERPS), also hired/instructed to do these things by law enforcement & certain affiliates of this country’s shadow government for strategic political purposes.

Source: Youtube